Energy storage needs are unique to each application. Our adaptive ability produces bespoke batteries ranging from 3.2V to 96V to empower ever booming India’s economy.

We provide a wide range of customized solutions for Lithium Batteries, Lithium-ion Cells,
Battery Packs for electric vehicles like eScooter battery, eCycle battery and more, solar lighting
& energy storage, medical & other devices. Our Lithium solutions are based on NMC, LFP, LTO
chemistries providing energy up to 5 KWh & extendable for a plethora of applications.


Among the several services that haven’t been able to keep up with the exponential growth of Indian cities is public transportation. As transit is integral to living in cities, residents have resorted to purchasing private vehicles to get around, adding to an
already-severe congestion crisis in our cities.

Considering all the above facts, We do Petrol to Electric conversion; due to which one new vehicle won’t come in the market and the old one need not to be scraped, which we believe is a cutting edge solution to the congestion crisis in cities.

Also, having your own private vehicle might be the solution, but not for us and (we think shall be) for you too…

What if we have Private-Public Vehicle to commute?

Having a Private-Public Vehicle means you save time waiting for the next bus to come to the station. Go out anytime at night or as early in the day as you want. Plus, you don’t need to wait for other people to get off at their stops, no RTO registration, and no compulsion of helmet. It’s just you, your vehicle, and the destination. Not only do you not have to wait for anybody, you can also go anywhere you need to. With no restrictions. By and large, it’s way cheaper to use private-public transportation to get around than it is to buy your own vehicle. You don’t have to pay for petrol, parking, maintenance, cleaning, or any of that stuff. Just pay your fare, and you’ll get there.

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